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The website is designed and coded in the language HTML5 with support of several popular web browsers, for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The layout is clean and easy to use. The layout is designed very precisely, and it is possible to make such fine-tuning by simply clicking on the page design.

The fonts are designed with great clarity, and the images in the gallery are well balanced, in terms of color, tone and the other features. On the left-hand side of the page users can see a list of all free movies that are being offered on the site. When clicking on one of the movie titles, users will be transferred to the page dedicated to that movie. The main information block on the page, as well as additional links and useful content, is shown in full-screen mode (for mobile phones and tablets).

The entire webpage is accessible from smartphones and tablets. It is even possible to switch between the list of movies and the full-screen mode at any time. Soap2Day is a user-friendly service, which is an advantage for its popularity. For example, among the movies on the main page there are many movies of the "Horror" genre. On the site users can also check out the "top 100 most popular movies".

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