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Top Study Strategies And Techniques To Conquer Study

Knowing how to study is essential for all students, so at Leading Study Tips we have devised a list of seven study strategies to help students study.

Study Strategy 1: Mindmap.

Composing a mind map is a great way to study. You can start off by creating a bubble in the middle of the page, then slowly add branches which different topics you're studying. After, you can add secondaryto the current branches, for example the primary branch could be a topic such as "Protocals", then the secondary branches could be "HTTP", "TCP/IP", followed by a tertiary branch stating their definitions. Repeat this method for the test of your study topics. According to pay for homework help experts a lot of students find doing drawings and adding a small amount of colour to the mindmaps helps memorising. If possible, you should also add a small picture (don't spend too much time on this) to the secondary/tertiary branches, this way when your think of the picture, you will hopefully recall the information associated with the branches.

Study Strategy 2: Flashcards.

Flashcards are a great way to study as they incorporate visual learning and memory retention and it forces the brain to remember the information if the process of testing yourself with them is done repetivity over a long period of time. To create flash cards, you could use a piece of software such as Quizlet. Alternatively, you could make your own by cutting out rectangular pieces of paper, or buying coloured cards from supermarkets. When making flash cards you should try to include the key information of the topic you're revising and every 3 or 4 revision cards you should try to write down a few questions for yourself to make sure you remember the knowledge, followed by the answers on the back of the revision card.


Study Strategy 3: Make Videos.

If you have a particular passion for video making or if you're good at composing them, then consider making your own revision videos that include the key information of the topic. You could do this by creating a powerpoint, then record yourself reading out the information on the powerpoint and then consolidating that into one video as this will help with visual and auditory learning. Alternatively, according to you could create a video face-to-face with the camera and then overlaying images when you read out certain pieces of information so you associate that image to the piece of information. This method will take some experimenting as to what way you learn best.

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