We need your help!

Victim of the covid-19 crisis,  like a lot of small and local businesses...
It is with a lot of sadness and bitterness that we have decided to shut down our restaurant temporarily as of today, March 23rd, 2020.


We have started a gofundme fundraiser:

Help Once Upon a Time In France & its employees !

Our restaurant is a small, family-owned and operated Bistro in Nashville, Tennessee. We are not big investors, just a family of passionate food loving french immigrants living the American dream!

We opened only 3 months ago and have been blessed with a packed house every evening since. It has brought us joy and happiness to see the smiles on people's faces when they tasted our traditional French food.  We are now facing financial struggle as well as our employees.

Two weeks ago, in the early stages of the coronavirus spread in Nashville we unfortunately had to tell 9 employees that they wouldn't be able to work anymore.
We tried to survive another week with only 3 employees, but are now financially forced to  temporarily close.

We are asking for your help. 

Help for our 12 employees to survive this difficult financial situation
and help to cover the basics expenses of our restaurant like the rent, loans, accounting, utilities etc... to allow us to not close permanently.

We need you.
We love being part of this community and the last three months with you were such a beautiful beginning to our story together. Having to close our restaurant breaks our hearts but we hope to remain a part of this community!

"Travel to France for an evening"

Set in a cozy 1920's Parisian Bistro décor, "Once Upon A Time In France"

is all Francophiles and food lovers have ever dreamed of:

Friendly small neighborhood corner bistro - French Family owned and operated

   Authentic Traditional French Food - Over 75 French wines, European beers

and delicious beverages carefully selected!

Bon Appétit !

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