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Be warned!

Our restaurant is not your typical American restaurant, there is a few things to know before you come so we make sure your dinner is spent perfectly:
Our concept is our country’s favorite: a Bistro.
For those who have been to France, they will know that a french Bistro is usually a quaint, cozy, affordable neighborhood restaurant serving traditional cuisine. But it is also usually loud, people are sitting close to each other, it may be hard to make your way through the restaurant, there are servers and bussers running everywhere.

We do not claim to be a fine dining establishment nor claim to have a “new cuisine” type of food.
We are a good old French Bistro, we do not and never will carry a “Fine dining” spirit or comfort!
We are asked a lot about our reservation policy:

Real Bistros typically do not take reservations, if the place is too packed, you can come back next time!
Our Bistro is “first come first served”, we can put your name on our wait list once you are here and we will call you when your table is ready.

Due to our small space and to make sure everybody can make it here, we are limiting parties to two hours maximum.

We also do have a patio where you can wait until you get a table, in the meantime you can order and pay at the bar and wait with a delicious glass of wine!

We are a small family owned independent restaurant that is limited in seats.
Our parking lot is small, our building is old.
Our restaurant is so small in size that we cannot store a lot of food and drinks,

or even hire more staff or get a hostess desk.
Because of this, we cannot extend it or add tables or serve food in the side patio.
Yes, there may be some wait. There may be some items that we ran out, or some wine that we sold out.

Your bartender may not have all the ingredients to some favorite cocktails (Please, No French 75 !)
We cannot guarantee the full comfort of a brand new American restaurant.
But we can guarantee that you will have a great evening in our unique little corner of France!

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